October, 11-15th, 2021

18th IEEE Latin American Robotics Symposium - LARS 2021

13th Brazilian Symposium on Robotics - SBR 2021

12th Workshop of Robotics in Education - WRE 2021

Virtual conference
The most important robotics conference of Latin America.

The IEEE LARS and SBR (Latin American Robotics Symposium/Brazilian Robotics Symposium) aim at promoting a comprehensive scientific meeting in the area of Intelligent Robotics, bringing together researchers, undergraduate and graduate students of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, and related fields.

The event will happen through technical sessions on the web, including oral (or video) presentations of full papers and webinars featuring technical lectures of recognized importance in the area (to be defined).

The LARS/SBR and its associated scientific events are the primary scientific/academic meetings of a larger event that brings relevant developments in robotics, named ROBĂ“TICA 2021. This also comprises the LARC/CBR (Latin American Robotics Competition / Brazilian Robotics Competition), OBR (Brazilian Robotics Olympiad), MNR (National Robotics Fair), besides the LARS/SBR, WRE (Workshop of Robotics in Education) and WTDR / CTDR (Workshop on MSc Dissertation and PhD Thesis in Robotics and Best MSc Dissertation and PhD Thesis Contest in Robotics ). For the first time in its history, the LARS/SBR and its associated events will be completely held as a Virtual Conference, from October 11th to 15th, 2021.

We are looking forward to (virtually) seeing you in LARS/SBR 2021.

LARS/SBR 2021: http://www.natalnet.br/lars-sbr2021

Submission site open April 23th, 2021
Paper registration (Deadline Extended) July 17th, 2021 August 9th, 2021
Manuscript submission (Deadline Extended) July 17th, 2021 August 9th, 2021
Notification of Acceptance August 30th, 2021 September 6th, 2021
Camera Ready Submission September 13th, 2021 September 27th, 2021

ROBOTICA 2021 Co-events:


LARS/SBR: Latin-American Robotics Symposium / Brazilian Robotics Symposium (www.natalnet.br/lars-sbr2021)
WRE: Workshop of Robotics in Education (http://www.natalnet.br/wre2021/)
WTDR / CTDR: Workshop on MSc and PhD Works in Robotics and Graduate Works Contest in Robotics (http://www.natalnet.br/lars-sbr2021/wtdr.html).

Competitions and Fair:

LARC/CBR: Latin American Robotics Competition / Brazilian Robotics Competition (http://www.robotica.org.br/)
OBR: Brazilian Robotics Olympiad (www.obr.org.br)
MNR: National Robotics Fair (www.mnr.org.br)