WRE 2019

10th Workshop of Robotics in Education | Rio Grande, RS, Brazil | October, 22-24, 2019

Registration for WRE 2019

The 10th Workshop of Robotics in Education (WRE 2019) will be held in October 2019, 22th to 24th, jointly with the Robotics Conferences and Competitions in Rio Grande, RS. Authors and interested audience must register for the Robotics Conference 2019, which will grant access to WRE 2019. We remark that at least one author of each paper must be registered by September 30, in order to have the paper presented and published in one of the IEEE Explore or WRE e-book with ISBN proceedings.

It is important to consider that for the publication and presentation of your work at WRE 2019, at least one author must be registered until September, 30th. However we do remember that in (to be defined)th finishes the reduced registration prices for WRE authors. Registrations as "Professor do Ensino Fundamental" are not allowed for WRE authors as this category is only for participants without paper presentation and publication. Each author can have up to two papers covered by a single registration. Please for registration follow the link: https://centraldesistemas.sbc.org.br/ecos/robotica2019