N-Bot: A low cost educational robot

Team NatalNet - Natal - Brazil

Brief Description
N-Bot is an educational robotic platform developed at the NatalNet laboratory with the aim of making robots popular among students of all ages. N-Bot uses a simple, yet universal communication interface: the audio channel. Audio frequencies (such as musical notes) are used to send commands to actuators, and sensor states are encoded as audio signals, which are analysed by a control computer or a phone. Initially, N-Bot was developed to be connected to a cell phone, but as the communication interface is audio based, we implemented a web page where students can write programs that will generate and receive audio from the robot to execute the desired control program. This platform allows any computer to be used as a programming environment for N-Bot, without the need to install any additional software or device driver, making it easier to be used in public computers and by freshman, or even in computers where the students don't have permissions to install software. N-Bot prototype costs about 14 US dollars and can be built with commonly available parts. N-Bot won the African Robots Network (AFRON) 10-dollar robot design challenge in the second place of the category all-in-one.

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