The Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing, SIBGRAPI, will be held October 9-12, 2005, in Natal, RN, one of the most beautiful cities in Brazil. SIBGRAPI is the most important Brazilian meeting in Computer Graphics, Image Processing, and Computer Vision.

Started in 1988 with the sponsorship of the Brazilian Computer Society, this will be its 18th edition. Proceedings of SIBGRAPI have been published by IEEE CS Press since 1997, and its acceptance rate is about 30% of submitted papers. We cordially invite you to participate by submitting your work in all areas of Computer Graphics, Image Processing and Computer Vision, including but not limited to the following topics:

AI in Computer Vision                   Graphics Hardware                            Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Animation and Simulation           Image Analysis                                    Pattern Recognition

Bioinformatics Imaging                Image Compression                          Real-Time Imaging

Biometry                                          Image Filtering                                     Real-Time Rendering

Collaborative Virtual Reality         Image Registration                             Remote Sensing

Computational Geometry             Image Restoration                              Scientific Visualization

Computer Vision and Robotics  Image Retrieval                                    Simplification Techniques

Digital Video                                   Image Segmentation                          Surface Extraction

Digital Topology                             Image Synthesis                                 3D Imaging

Document Analysis                       Large Data Sets                                  Visibility Algorithms

Games                                             Mathematical Morphology                 Visual Data Mining

Geographical Databases            Medical Imaging and Visualization  Visual Learning

Geometric & Solid Modeling        Multimedia                                           Volumetric Rendering

Graphical Interfaces                      Multiresolution Techniques              Applications