Presentation information:

Dear Authors, TPC Members and Session Chairs;

All technical sessions and plenary talks will happen through Zoom Webinars:

We would like to kindly ask all authors and session chairs to create a personal Zoom account and download the Zoom client application (available for Windows, MacOS and Linux) since using Zoom from web browsers can pose some problems according to our experience. If possible, we ask our PC Members that aim to participate to do the same, for avoiding problems with online Zoom.

In the next coming days, all of you will be receiving a link asking you to register in the LARS/SBR Zoom Webinars, which we also kindly ask to be done in order to properly arrange all sessions.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that by joining the LARS/SBR Zoom Webinars as a published work presenter, as a session chair, or as a PC Member, you agree with streaming and publishing all video content related to the Zoom presentations, including those with images of yourself, and also on youtube channels streaming LARS live videos.

Youtube Chanel: (LARS/SBR, WRE, WTDR/CTDR)

Aditional Information:

We are happy to announce that LARS/SBR technical sessions and plenary talks will be freely available for anyone to watch live through the Natalnet Laboratories Youtube channel:

Also, we would like to invite the community to join our Discord server:

We have set up text channels in the Discord server to allow an asynchronous discussion of the technical sessions in which everyone can ask questions about the published works.

Additionally, we configured several voice channels in which people can virtually interact, either by asking paper presenters or by just having a conversation with an old friend.

Have a great event!

LARS/SBR Chairs.